The Holy Grail of plus size tights (Dresuri marimi FOARTE mari)

I have been looking for comfortable tights since forever and only now I have found them. Better late than never! :) I am absolutely crazy about them, about the way they fit, the material, the way they last and, trust me, I qualify as an expert because I almost never wear pants, only skirts and dresses.

I had a very long “romance” with Mondex, a romanian company, or as we call them “dresuri de Sibiu”, but their sizes don’t go any higher than #6. Also, because their largest size is only available at 20 Den they didn’t last me very long and i would wear out 1-2 pairs every week. For years and years I ordered my tights from Mondex out of habit but also because I always thought that it would be a lot more expensive to order from another country and the sizes would never match my body type.


I realized how wrong I was when I encountered The Big Bloomers Company :), a website that sells very very very large sizes (up to 10XL) in tights and lingerie. I have tried so far a couple of their tights but I will stop to one in particular, All Woman 60 Den Tights, the Holy Grail of tights as I like to call them.

These All Woman 60 Den Tights have been sent to me after I ordered on my own a pair that just wasn’t right for me. Because this is a mother-daughter business, so a small company, they tend to be very close to their customers which is crucial especially in this domain. You can read the Big Bloomers story over here.

big-bloomers-dresuri-marimi-mari-plus-size-tights (4)

If you’re a big girl like me then you are more than familiar with chub rub and that this can be a pain even when you wear tights and they’re too sheer. I’ve had this issue with some models lower in density, but the 60 Den are just perfect and they lasted for about one month. Just to make it easier, I’ll detail below the good and the bad related to these tights:

  • incredibly comfortable – when I first got them out of the package they were so small and I thought it was going to be a total failure, but, I was wrong. They are so elastic that they extend a lot no matter how your body is shaped and they fit your body very snug.
  • lifting effect – because they fit very snug, yet comfortably, they keep eveything in place but withouth feeling like a sausage; everything feels firmer. :)
big-bloomers-dresuri-marimi-mari-plus-size-tights (1) for the upper part the material is thicker giving you a nice lifting effect and fitting very snug
  • very elastic – they are stretchy and will fit you no matter how your body is structured.
  • long wearing – I was surprised of how long wearing they are. Even though they have sheered out between my legs, they were still wearable.
big-bloomers-dresuri-marimi-mari-plus-size-tights (3)
the sheering due to chub rub
  • woosh woosh – yes, they make a funny sound when walking in them :)
  • breathable material – I wore them even when the spring temperatures went up a little and I din’t feel like I was on fire. :)

If you would like to order something from the website but you are not sure of your size, don’t hesitate to write them an email, their customer service is good. Also, their  sizes are strutured differently, on intervals, so that if you are taller/shorter, heavier around the thighs or around the waist you can still find a match.

big-bloomers-dresuri-marimi-mari-plus-size-tights (2)

Regarding shipping, their charges are affordable and my orders took about 3 to 5 days to get to me. The delivery charges are UK £2.95, Europe £3.55, Worldwide £4.55. For my delivery, the package arrived directly at my address via Royal Air Mail, so no wainting in line at the Post office was involved. The packaging is grey and opaque so, don’t worry, even if you order lingerie it will be your little secret. :)

So this is the end of my confession. :) If you are struggling as well to find plus size tights that fit you comfortably and last more than one wear, then go take a look at the Big Bloomers website. :) Friendly people and good products are waiting for you there!

Did you find this article useful?  Where do you shop for your plus size tights? 

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